What is the filling in your products?     Chic Soothies are filled with highly-refined culinary corn while our Chic Booties and Chic Minis are filled with flax seed.

Will the corn used as filling in Chic Soothies pop when I place it in the microwave?
The corn will NOT pop. The hard corn we use in our Chic Soothies is different than popping corn. We'd be out of business otherwise. However, it's important NOT to overheat Chic Soothies in the microwave because the filling corn can burn if microwaved for too long.
If I want moist heat, should I wet the pack? 
No, it’s important NOT to wet the filling of your product.
I feel a thin layer of moisture on the product the first time I heat it. What's up with that?
Moist heat will be produced the first or possibly second time you warm it because the filling contains excessive moisture that wicks through the product's fabric.
What’s the best way to chill them for use as a cold pack?
We suggest placing them in a plastic bag to avoid freezer burn on the fabric and then putting them in the freezer for one hour or as needed.
How are the lavender products scented?
Finely dried lavender buds within the products provide the lavender scent.  The first few uses the lavender scent might be very strong.  The scent will mellow soon with use.  
How long should I microwave these products? 
How long to heat the product in the microwave depends on the wattage of your microwave and the size of the product—smaller products will heat faster.  To figure out for how long you should heat your product, test by microwaving in 10-second increments until you’ve got the temperature that’s comfortable for you. 

Caution: To prevent risk of fire, injury, burns, smoke damage, etc do not overheat or use in overheated condition.  Be sure to enter the correct time when microwaving, don't leave the microwave unattended while microwaving and let cool before using if too hot.  To avoid burns do not overheat or use in overheated condition.  If product feels too hot let cool before using.  Please be sure to follow the instructions.
How can I clean my products? 
Chic Soothies and Chic Minis can be hand washed, but you should avoid getting the filling wet. Simply shake the filling to one half of the bag and hand wash the empty side, then let it air dry. When the first side has dried, shake the filling to the dry side and repeat. Chic Booties can be handed wiped  with a damp cloth and then dried.
What about storage?
Chic Booties, Chic Minis, and Chic Soothies should be stored on a shelf or in a drawer.  To prevent mildew, DON'T enclose your pack in a plastic bag.  You can store your product in the freezer in a plastic bag.  

Where can I buy Chic Booties, Chic Minis, or Chic Soothies?
You can order at this website, www.chicspatique.com. We’ll also post a list of upcoming shows where we will be displaying our products.

What are the shipping cost?

Shipping is only $7.50 per address no matter how much you order and will ship U.S.P.S. Priority Mail, FedEx Ground or UPS.  Chic Spatique will select the shipping method.  All orders come with a tracking number.  You will receive your tracking number directly from USPS, FedEx Ground or UPS.  Shipping address does not need to be the same as the billing address.  Most orders are shipped within 24-48 hours.  Most packages are delivered within 2-4 days from shipping but unfortunately there is no guarantee on delivery time.

Please feel free to contact Chic Spatique with any questions about using the products, purchasing more or returns through this website or call 903-422-5234.  We appreciate your business!!