Chic Soothies


 Relax like never before with the warmth and comfort provided by Chic Soothies from Chic Spatique. Chic Soothies are fashionably chic comfort wraps that can be warmed in the microwave or chilled in the freezer and therefore fantastic for soothing injuries or chronic aches and pains. After microwaving, they'll retain their warm, moist heat for approximately 45 minutes to an hour and are sure to warm your bed up on those chilly winter nights. When you can't get away for a day at the spa, Chic Soothies are the next best thing. You've never had a massage until you've been massaged with a Chic Soothie!  Chic Soothies are not over-filled to allow you to wrap or mold them wherever needed.

Available with optional lavender scent created with dried French lavender buds for extra relaxation.  Chic Soothies are made from soft fabrics and filled with highly-refined culinary corn (it doesn't pop in the microwave otherwise we'd be out of business!!). Each Chic Soothie weighs approximately 2.5 pounds and is approximately 20" long and 6" wide.


Shipping is only $7.50 per address no matter how much you order and will ship U.S.P.S. Priority Mail, FedEx Ground or UPS. Chic Spatique will select the shipping method. Most orders ship within 48 hours. All orders come with a tracking number. You will receive your tracking number directly from USPS, FedEx Ground or UPS. Shipping address does not need to be the same as the billing address. Most orders are shipped within 24-48 hours. Most packages are delivered within 2-4 days from shipping but unfortunately there is no guarantee on delivery time.  


Caution: To prevent risk of fire, injury, burns, smoke damage, etc do not overheat or use in overheated condition.  Be sure to enter the correct time on your microwave, don't leave the microwave unattended while microwaving and let cool before using if too hot.  Please be sure to follow the instructions.