Deer to Me Blue

$ 11.99

Chic Minis from Chic Spatique are a smaller version of our Chic Soothies and are fantastic at keeping your hands and pockets warm and a perfect size for resting on your forehead to ease migraine headaches and stress. They are great for a little spot of comfort wherever you need it!  Like the larger Chic Soothie, the Chic Mini can also be warmed in the microwave for heat or chilled in the freezer for cold. They will retain the heat or cold for approximately 20-30 minutes.  Every Chic Mini is filled with flax seed, weighs about 11 ounces, and measures approximately 8" long by 5" wide.  The Chic Soothie is made of two complementary fabrics.  The silky satin side is great for the cold, the other side for the warmth.  The fine fabrics and flax seed make for a soft and gentle little treasure to cuddle up with.  Also available in Lavender scent created from dried Lavender buds from France that have been added to the flax seed.  Chic Minis are small.  Be sure to follow the instructions and don't overheat.  Be careful when using warmth or cold in the delicate eye area.

Caution: To prevent risk of fire, injury, burns, smoke damage, etc do not overheat or use in overheated condition.  Be sure to enter the correct time when microwaving, don't leave the microwave unattended while microwaving and let cool before using if too hot. Please be sure to follow the instructions.

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